A Quest of Self-Discovery

I guess  the answer was always in front of us

or in this case inside of us.

The answer to every question.

The quest of discovering who you are finally answered.

I may or may not have known that all along.

Its just that I needed the experience and wisdom

to finally understand what I was searching for.

Its not the answer we seek,

but what kind of questions are we asking?

If I tell you the secrets of Sumeria, Egypt, India and every other civilization.

What would you gain other than more useless information for your ego.

What I strive for is to understand the wisdom of our soul,

and the return to a state of completeness.

6 thoughts on “A Quest of Self-Discovery

    1. Thank you Ravi for your wonderful comment. I agree wholeheartedly with you that at the end after fulfilling your lifes purpose/quest the unknown becomes known. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!

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