Through the Looking Glass

In search of truth

I swim through lies, deceit and skepticism.

I walk through streets paved with the broken promises of parents, lovers

and anyone you can trust.

I remember a time when ‘I love you’ had substance,

and now as I grow older those words have become hollow and insincere.

I look inwards and wonder

if the world outside is a reflection of what’s going on within.

am I the person I aspire to be?

am I the kind of lover, friend, co-worker that I can be?

maybe changing the world is impossible,

but I do have the power to change myself.

5 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

    1. Thank you and your right. Sometimes the world outside just seems chaotic to point where we have to seek within in some sort of fashion to make sense of it all. Whether it’s religion, meditation, counselling. I guess we can never outrun ourselves. Hope your enjoying your weekend so far and hope the week ahead is great!

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