December’s Soapbox II

As we see out another year,

a year that has tested us all in many different ways and forms.

As time goes by,

I get the sense we are in a period of great change,

as if life came knocking at the front door,

and faith took an exit out through the back,

and only doubt and fear remain standing.

Change is probably the only thing we are truly promised,

and nothing ever stays constant,

but what we can’t do is lose faith and trust in ourselves at the first sight of adversity,

We have all come through so much and woke up to see another day,

We are a resilient, determined and tenacious human beings

2022 will be a year of success, good health, abundance for all.

* P.s I just want to thank everyone I’ve met and the kind people that visit my page on this wonderful platform and wish everyone all the best in your personal endeavors and journey. May the coming days and new year bring you and your loved ones joy, good health and happiness *

9 thoughts on “December’s Soapbox II

    1. Thank you so much Aishwarya and hope you have a wonderful and happy new year as well. I also can’t wait to read more of your wonderful writing in the coming new year. Many blessings and well wishes Aishwarya!

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