Innocence of a Child


A child’s heart

is innocent and pure,

ignorant to the wicked ways of the world,

and honest enough to believe everything

he or she is told.

Time moves on,

and eventually the child grows

and some lose that ignorance and fall prey to the trappings of the world

while others grow older ,

and remember quite fondly those moments of childhood innocence,

and walk with a playfulness full of laughter and joy.


Billie’s Song

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How can words do justice for what I feel for you?

Your honesty and approach on life was purity itself.

Your trials and tribulations were well documented,

but through it all you persevered and shone bright,

illuminating your beauty both on the outside and inside.

Your music was intimate, engaging and tearful

and most importantly food for the soul.

Till we meet again beloved,

I’m going to keep singing the blues.



*The legendary Billie Holiday -07/04/1915 till 17/07/1959*

Keep on Moving


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Keep on moving forward,

when only moving forward is all you got

 keep striving,

and keep living,

As of this present moment

I have accepted that this life is a chapter,

amongst many chapters

that I have lived through,

so some things no longer surprise me.

I use to resist many things,

especially myself, my feelings and my intuition,

however through small steps and encouragements,

I have slowly healed and mended those thoughts that no longer serve me

and now I feel better,

a caterpillar becoming a vibrant and lovely butterfly.

One step at a time

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One step at a time

I hate making promises I can’t keep,

the minute I say it

It feels like a chain being wrapped around my neck

with a tag saying,

‘This won’t be removed till the promise is fulfilled’

and it weighs heavy on my small body,

the longer it stays wrapped around my neck,

the more it’s weight holds me down

till I can barely move!

I think it’s because I fear not fulfilling what I say,

the mark of a man in my eyes,

Is one who honours his words and stands by his conviction.

If a man’s word has no substance, no weight

or conviction behind them,

How can he be reliable I wonder?

But maybe these feelings are simply just hesitation

expressing outdated ideas in a modern world,

where new ideas and expressions are made every day.

Maybe we just all have flaws,

we need to accept and realise

It’s okay to just take it,

one step at a time.

A leap of faith


A leap of faith

To be a dreamer,

is to suspend everything you’ve ever believed in.

To strip yourself bare,

all the way down to your very core.

Whenever I try to describe this sensation,

I feel all kinds of emotions,

such as shyness, vulnerability and even being scared,

scared because all my flaws and fears are laid out in front of me.

Sacrifices that I have made weighing heavy on my consciousness,

Yet I feel tremendous joy and sincere love when dreaming,

and when I say dreaming,

I do not refer to passive dreaming

but rather seeing a vision so strong, unrestricted and priceless,

that in that moment I am truly free.

Not that I want to escape from society

but rather immerse myself in my own world,

then be looked on as just another cog in society’s wheels.


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The words we whisper

that can only be heard,

from the chambers within our hearts,

Words that fill us with joy,

Words that encourage and inspire us

but sometimes along the way,

depending on how we see ourselves

We utter words that saddens us,

words that make us feel insecure

and lack self confidence.

The thing is

if we hate ourselves,

this is a detriment and a tragedy

because if we don’t see ourselves

bathed in self-love and happiness,

who else is going to see that love within us.

The words we use to cry, yell or whimper

the truth is they matter,

they have always mattered,

we don’t have to self-depreciate ourselves

to harm ourselves,

because there are a lot of people out there

hurt and broken,

and we don’t have to join them,

but rather choose to be ourselves

to love ourselves and seek our own understanding.


My thoughts on ‘To Be Young, African and Gifted’


This is a  collection of poems that I had written with the intention to share my words with the world. The collection consists of 13 poems and is centred around self-identity, self-love, race and music. While writing these poems I was going through a metamorphosis about who I was and what I stood for. It was very therapeutic while at the same time challenging me to be fully open and honest. It was my first collection of poems that I released and reading on it back, I am glad I did it even if I cringe at some of the mistake that I made while writing it :D.

I drew inspiration from my African heritage and great musicians such as Billie Holiday, Tupac Shakur, Jackie Wilson and many others. The title itself was inspired by the legendary writer Lorraine Hansberry and Nina Simone who wrote the song ‘To be Young,Gifted and Black’.  My favourite poems are ‘These are my Heroes’ and ‘To be a Young Black Male’ because it summed up the theme of one loving and embracing his or herself and being unapologetic. These poems were written during the time in America unarmed Black man and woman were being killed and I felt I needed to express what I was feeling at the time.

Overall I loved the entire process and I went on to write a second collection of poems titled ‘To Children who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below’ the title is a mouthful but if it wasn’t for the fact I shared my poems the first time around it would probably be stuck in a file somewhere so I am thoroughly grateful for the lessons I learned from it.

The book can found in all public outlets such as Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Nobles etc.

Thank You !!!

The Painter

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A vast array of different images,

lay stretched out on the canvas wall

It screamed loneliness and pain,

echoing the thoughts

that the painter could only hear.

Try and resist,

but the hand is guided

with a will of its own,

to convey the images

that is in the heart of its weaver

the painter.

In Dorothy’s Name


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There was a woman named Dorothy,

who had a humble beginning

was a child who always strived,

dreamed a dream

which was to be free and  exist in a loving world,

long away from the concrete jungle and demanding streets.

She aspired to reach new heights,

yet held reality in check

Success came but  it was always short,

People came and went

some good and some bad,

but each serving as a lesson

a lesson in what,

and who was the teacher?

Yet she remained firm and true!

Heaven blessed her with a daughter,

and Dorothy became a Mother

and nobody could come in between,

However  Dorothy’s time came

and it was far too short,

only 42 years old and with many dreams yet to fulfill.

Her legacy and beloved soul will always remain,

of a  kind and caring woman with matching heart and grace.


*Dedicated to the one and only  Dorothy Dandridge ( 09/10/1922-08/09/1965)*


This destination where neither planes or travel agents can claim,

an abode for the weary and dreamers

Will you come fly with me to this place called Moon

She is shy and only reveals herself in the night,

a bride in her wedding gown

waiting at the altar for her handsome groom,

This bright-eyed woman from this place called Moon.

Fly with me if you will,

but know that I don’t plan on returning,

rather I’ll spend my days in this place called Moon.