Tales from a Distant Past

Let’s take a moment and rewind back to a distant past

as two lovers exchange written vows over the Euphrates river in Mesopotamia

though we aren’t privileged to see its content

we can glimpse by the look on their faces

emotions of love, pure joy and contentment.

While over by the Nile River,

we meet another couple but their faces seem to be full of worry and sadness.

It looks like the river is experiencing a drought and doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.

With the hot African sun scintillating the land and getting hotter by the minute.

We return back to the couple

who are now firmly holding hands as if in prayer,

we see the look of worry and sadness on their faces being replaced

with a look of inner strength and faith.

We take a step back and we return to the present

It seems our visit to the past is up,

but who knows what tomorrow will have in store

Maybe visitors from the future will draw inspiration from the stories we create today.



To understand the meaning and depth of fairness

One has to be in the mires of despair

Searching for answers as to why things are the way they are.

To understand this one must feel it

Really absorb this manifestation of cruelty

Created in cold hearts from an even colder mind.

To solve it, is to remain honest to the cause

Is to bear truth to the matter that caused strife in the beginning.

Too many times we’ve held hands when actions were needed

 And spoke words filled with venom when forgiveness was needed.

We know very well what happens when the desired result weren’t achieved

Just unanswered wishes and hollow victories

As another generation is born

To clean the mess that we couldn’t help do in our time.



I wonder

I wonder at times if life is one big sitcom,
and the people we meet in our journey
are reoccurring guests from past lives or part of the cast and everyone knows their role but you.

If I promise to love you forever
Is that really true?
Or is that kind of special bond a once in a lifetime thing that separates itself from the rest.

I think sometimes in life
all we can do is  have faith and be firm on it.
We can’t control other people’s thoughts or feelings,
but we can control our own,
and if you believe in integrity and honesty.
then your word is your bond
and that in itself is sacred.

December’s Soapbox

What more can be written about a year that has shown us so much

a year that has changed us all

whether we wanted to or not.

They say in moments of chaos

we are meant to stay firm and resolute,

but it would be a lie to say that was always true.

As the years go by it seems we always look to the next one

in hopes of something better, brighter, and full of light.

Yet it seems the world has a mind of it own

and is showing us things we’d rather ignore or hope it goes away.

Would I rather live my life with a comfortable lie or wake up to an ugly truth?

May the days and months ahead bring a peace of mind, joy and good health.

Regardless of how dark it looks,

the Sun will always shine through.

As the World Turns

No need for forced smiles and friendships

when behind those smiles and relationships lies sorrow, guilt and regret.

We wonder at times how the person we are today differs from yesterday

Was it all just an illusion?

A mere figment from our imagination?

We didn’t sign up for fake friends, unfulfilled relationships and expectations.

so what changed and how?

Did we settle for safety and security instead of shooting for the stars?

or maybe this journey isn’t a race and we can be all these things

like being anxious, sad, happy and satisfied all at the same time

and that’s okay too.

In Search of Myself

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To look for myself in the world

Is a recipe for sorrow, loss and pain

For I can search high and low

Near and far

And never find the person I truly am.

In my haste to chase the silhouette of who I thought I was

I heard a voice echo in my head

“Are you really chasing something you know you can’t see, touch, smell, hear or feel?”

I stopped in my tracks and asked myself

What am I chasing?

What is my end goal in all of this?

In that very moment I noticed a change ripple through my body

A veil being lifted from my eyes

The world and its chaos was a reflection of my inner turmoil

To seek myself in such conditions reflected my ignorance,

But now I know better

What I seek and aspire to be can all be found within me.



Let us not speak love but be love.

Let our actions bear witness to our character and how we carry ourselves.

As humans it’s unfair to box ourselves and set limits to our potential

when our potential is really as limitless as our imagination.

Only we can walk the path that Life has set us on

but what we do while on that path is truly in our own hands.

In time we’ll learn that fate and destiny were merely shadows of our own decisions.

Decisions that ultimately only we can choose.

A love so Bright


If loving you meant I had to always give you my all

then my love will never be enough to satisfy you,

and if being with you meant I had to be something I’m not

then the love we share is not love at all.

Love is a word so often used but often misconstrued.

It shines bright and its rays can feel warm and radiating

but if its not mutual and respectful

those rays can be overwhelming and its brightness can be blinding.

A love for a Lifetime


Does love really last a lifetime

or rather for only a chapter in your life,

and we revisit on occasions when we reminisce on who we once were.

Is love a reflection of who we are at the moment

and that love can change at anytime?

Are we bound to always seek in others what we can search within ourselves?

Or is our past relationships merely sign posts to signal future partners

where we’ve been hurt or found joy.

A chance to change

In every moment we strive to do better

with every step we hope we are that much closer.

In the depths of our hearts we hold what we deem most precious

to scared to share with the world what makes us smile

in fear the world will take that and turn it to sorrow.

We are more than pieces on a global chess board

and our lives holds more meaning than slaving away for someone’s else dream.

We are unstoppable, unpredictable and unbelievable in our strengths and weaknesses

because no matter what situation we find ourselves in

the chance to change always presents itself.