December’s Soapbox II

As we see out another year,

a year that has tested us all in many different ways and forms.

As time goes by,

I get the sense we are in a period of great change,

as if life came knocking at the front door,

and faith took an exit out through the back,

and only doubt and fear remain standing.

Change is probably the only thing we are truly promised,

and nothing ever stays constant,

but what we can’t do is lose faith and trust in ourselves at the first sight of adversity,

We have all come through so much and woke up to see another day,

We are a resilient, determined and tenacious human beings

2022 will be a year of success, good health, abundance for all.

* P.s I just want to thank everyone I’ve met and the kind people that visit my page on this wonderful platform and wish everyone all the best in your personal endeavors and journey. May the coming days and new year bring you and your loved ones joy, good health and happiness *


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What we love and care the most

is often the one thing we fear losing.

Attachments of any kind

can be a bearer of both joy and sorrow.

Yet through our ingenuity and tenacity

we keep pushing and keep dreaming,

of a time and a place,

where the hard, rigid thorn meets the lovely and vibrant rose,

and the smell is sweet and its touch is warm.


In love we seek in others

what we hold dear inside

in order to convey the wishes and hopes that shape our mind.

We all express our feelings and hopes differently,

but yearn to find someone who shares similar hopes and dreams.

It’s the one thing throughout our collective history that has never changed,

which is the desire to dream and to be anything or anyone,

and to find in others, what see in ourselves

and the realization that you finally belong.

Trading Places

Life can be many things

it can be exciting, jovial, frightening , worrisome and many more.

Yet one thing we all share in common

is that we all feel and experience these range of emotions,

but react to each of them in our own unique way.

Today, someone is celebrating the sweet joy of becoming a parent,

as another parent lives to mourn the loss of their child.

I often think if life is a cruel joke,

and I’m waiting for a punchline that will never come.

Life can be many things,

and even though I can’t walk in your shoes or trade places,

but I can try to understand,

and be a willing ear to listen and learn.

We all have a journey that we take,

that takes us places and situations, and meet people

that in some near future

it will all hopefully make sense.

Tug of War

Our collective story is filled with the vestiges of the past

for every step we take is a step filled with the results of yesterday.

A yesterday centered on fear of failure or attachments to things we should let go.

It as though the past and the future are at a constant tug of war

and today is caught in the middle

neither letting go of the things that happened before

but still dreaming of a better future that never arrives.

Book of Life

A book is so much than just words and pages,

but an open invitation to unknown worlds

and traversing the deepest corners of our imagination.

Letters and notes I had written from years past

seem foreign and comical today,

but reading them I feel as though I’ve traveled back in time

and remember the concerns I once had which seemed big

but now I could hardly remember them.

Books are more than just pages, illustrations and covers,

but a snapshot of who we are at that moment,

and within that snapshot holds a world of our own

filled with our fears, love, joy and hope for the future.

May our book titled Life be filled with unbridled joy and appreciation.

The joy to fully experience and navigate through life,

and the appreciation that good times are followed by hard times,

but understanding that the hard times don’t last long either

and that at our core we are truly resilient.


As I head towards the front door on my way to work

I glanced back to say goodbye

but I saw your eyes were shut and hands clasped together as if in prayer.

I wondered why but stopped in my tracks.

I should be glad and feel lucky right,

but I was too selfish to see things from your point of view.

Life is the one constant variable we all share,

but death isn’t one we should willfully ignore.

We come and go in life and hope the steps we are taking

are steps towards something better, joyful and successful.

Yet as I walk out the door

I feel a deep sense of gratitude

because if I learned anything from life is that take nothing for granted.

The Power of Words

It’s been said before that words have power

so much so that physical wounds can eventually heal,

but the wounds caused by words filled with hate

spoken or written can last forever

like a never-ending loop of hurt, sorrow and torment.

Yet the same can be said when we speak or write

words filled with hope, joy and wonder.

I hear often we create our reality,

and the words we use

coupled with our emotions set the stage for how we experience life.

I guess it goes to show the limitless potential we all have,

and the many realities and experiences we all go through in life.

Through the Looking Glass

In search of truth

I swim through lies, deceit and skepticism.

I walk through streets paved with the broken promises of parents, lovers

and anyone you can trust.

I remember a time when ‘I love you’ had substance,

and now as I grow older those words have become hollow and insincere.

I look inwards and wonder

if the world outside is a reflection of what’s going on within.

am I the person I aspire to be?

am I the kind of lover, friend, co-worker that I can be?

maybe changing the world is impossible,

but I do have the power to change myself.

The Unknown

It’s often been said that Life mirrors Art and vice versa,

but who could figure that the world we all share would turn out this way.

Is this the curtain call or the opening of a new act?

Are we witnesses to something that will unify us and live in a world of limitless possibilities and freedom.

Or will we repeat the cycles of division and sleep our way to a world still controlled by the few and who have no love or care for any of us.

I guess at the end of the day

we all have our own reasons and choices,

and our point of view on how we see the world.

My wish is to see a world that’s understanding and has more empathy and compassion for all,

and to see a world where like seeds being planted in a rich fertile soil

one can grow and blossom to their full potential.