Changes II

Change is the only thing promised to us in this World

and it shows no bias or favors to anybody

whether its our age, health or relationships.

We are all under its influence

whether we know it or not.

It seems as though currently we are in a great period of change

and I can see future generations reading about the things we did today.

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us

but what I do know is the power to change and redefine ourselves is in our hands.

We are not weak or powerless

and as strange as things are

and as cheesy as this might sound

We will overcome these challenges and live to tell about it.

Why We Choose to Write

We all have our own reasons for why we choose to write.

Some of us choose to write

to escape, heal, share what’s in our hearts.

I believe writing is the next best thing to time travel

because our writing serves as a memento or time capsule

to where our hearts and minds were at that specific moment.

Whenever I get a chance to read old materials I’ve written.

I feel a mix of emotions ranging from cringe, joy, sadness and laughter.

It feels at times like it was another person who wrote it,

but I guess it serves as a reminder that we all evolve and grow each and everyday.

Regrets and Learning to Let go

Regret is a bitter pill to swallow

and even worse

It refuses to go away and stays hidden in the background

only coming out to the surface when it seems you’ve forgotten about it.

Regret, Anger, Joy and Relief are different colors of our emotional rainbow

and with the ups and downs of life.

We are bound to experience all kinds of emotions,

but we must remember that it is not permanent

and just as quickly as things look dark and bleak,

Here comes the Sun and our moods starts to change again.


Lady Winter

Winter has taken her annual leave

and Spring has entered the scene like a new born baby

but lets take a moment and honor Lady Winter.

It’s not easy being the season where Nature goes into hiding

and all her beauty is laid bare for everyone to see.

However if it wasn’t for Winter

Spring wouldn’t have the lavish entrance or a chance to plant new seeds and crops

but Mother Nature knows all to well.

With each season following after the other

Each in harmony and in perpetual balance.


To be able to follow through with your dreams and not quit in the process

is truly a precious gift that only those who don’t give up experience.

In a social media driven world

where our thoughts and feelings are being bombarded with fiction and illusions.

To see someone be themselves and share their originality with the world

is a sight to behold and is our birthright

since nobody else can play our role and fill our shoes

It’s only right that we share our gifts and our originality with the world.

Limerick #1

There once was a beautiful queen named Divine

known all over for her kindness and her bond with her people which was intertwined.

Jealousy and Envy were the talk in neighboring towns,

but none of them knew the meaning of generosity but would bicker and frown.

Little did they know that treating others fairly and being sincere was her only sign.

A Lonely Man finds True Love

There was once a man who had never loved anyone before

not even himself ,

and whenever he got into a relationship

things would go sour whenever he was required to explore his feelings or to connect with others on a personal level.

After his umpteen failed relationship.

He wondered what was wrong?

What was holding him back from experiencing the sweet joy of love that all his friends seems to be basking in?

He took counseling, had therapy sessions and even took up yoga,

but he still couldn’t find that thing that would fill the gaping hole in his heart.

After another failed date,

and was making plans on giving up on ever finding love.

He looked at his phone and saw his reflection looking back at him.

A reflection that seem to be asking him a direct question.

He wondered when was the last time he told himself ‘I love you’.

When was the last time he took a moment to better understand himself.

What is love he wondered?

if he hadn’t taken the time to understand what it means for himself.

In the end he finally said ‘I guess love starts with me’.

In Search of Better Days

We all strive for a brighter future

regardless in how dim and dark the present may look.

You have as much right to pursue your dreams as do I,

and We can collectively co-exist to create a world

that’s desperately in need of its dreamers, writers, healers, singers and more.

Why give up on the thing that more precious to the world and to God above,

which is You!

The world is a stage as Shakespeare once said,

and you are the leading light guiding your magnificent story.

It wouldn’t be much of a story if the main character decides not to show up.

Be kind to yourself

and keep going,

the journey doesn’t end and what’s meant to be yours will never leave you.