Light as a Feather

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To be light as a feather

I believe is to be free and without shackles.

To dream without weights and without care.

Redefining what is normal,

 and most importantly not letting

obstacles and distractions put you off your path.

What the world is desperately in need of

your essence, your hopes, your flaws and truths.



Pursuit of Knowledge

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The sweet taste of knowledge

is akin to a kiss between two deprived lovers.

The peeling away of my ignorance

only to realise the magnitude of my oblivion.

What I thought was the bliss of not knowing,

was nothing more than floundering in my own death

while still living.

It was like I was existing and not living,

conscious but yet still asleep.

Now I feel truly alive for the first time

seeing and hearing for the first time.

Oh what joy and delight this is,

the lifelong pursuit of wisdom,

and the shedding away of ignorance.


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The future isn’t written yet,

and the past has already had it’s say.

However today is a new day

like the sun rising over the blue canopy sky.

Let today usher in blessings and glad tidings,

and close the chapter for those who still hold on to grief and sorrow

and remold and shape our new day like our world is suppose to be

bright, full of hope and free.


Kindness is a charity that has no bounds,

and one which the world we live in needs.

A hypocrite can be sweet to others on the outside

but soon that veneer will start to fade away,

and the real ‘you’ will start to show.

Kindness is important not only to each other

but also to ourselves.

How can I be sincere and compassionate to others

without first having these attributes myself and understanding them.